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  • 1958: Banque de L'Indochine opened its first branch in Malaya at the Selangor Kwangtung Association Building in Jalan Pudu, Kuala Lumpur. This branch was subsequently relocated to Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur in 1975.
  • 1959: Banque de L'Indochine opened a sub-branch at Jalan Batu, Kuala Lumpur (now known as Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman).
  • 1975: Banque de L'Indochine changed its name to "Banque de L'Indochine et de Suez" (Banque Indosuez). In the same year, Banque Indosuez acquired a building in Jalan Raja Chulan, Kuala Lumpur to serve as its headquarters.
  • 1982: Malaysian French Bank Berhad was incorporated to assume the banking business of the 2 local branches of Banque Indosuez. The incorporation was the result of the French government's nationalization of Banque Indosuez, and also of the subsequent restructuring of the Bank's businesses in Malaysia to comply with local banking regulations.
  • 1984: Multi-Purpose Capital Holdings Berhad acquired a 70% stake in Malaysian French Bank.
  • 1985: Malaysian French Bank established its "first" branch in Taman Maluri, Kuala Lumpur. In the same year, 8 more branches were opened throughout the country.
  • 1986-1995: Malaysian French Bank established 16 branches were established nationwide during this period.
  • 1996: Malaysian French Bank Berhad changed its name to "Multi-Purpose Bank Berhad".
  • 1998: Multi-Purpose Bank acquired Multi-Purpose Finance. By February that year, the Bank had a network of 34 branches nationwide, including Sabah and Sarawak.
  • 1999: Multi-Purpose Bank Berhad was selected to be one of the anchor banks in the Malaysian government's bank consolidation initiative. It successfully anchored the merger with .
  • 2000: Multi-Purpose Bank was selected as one of the 10 anchor banks in the consolidation exercise of Malaysian financial institutions. Malaysian Plantations Berhad (MPlant) acquired 70% of Multi-Purpose Bank's equity that year.
  • 2001, January 19: The Alliance Banking Group was established with the merger of 7 financial institutions: (1) Multi-Purpose Bank; (2) International Bank Malaysia Berhad; (3) Sabah Bank Berhad; (4) Sabah Finance Berhad; (5) Bolton Finance Berhad; (6) Amanah Merchant Bank Berhad; and (7) Bumiputra Merchant Bankers Berhad. The newly-merged entity's name and logo were unveiled to the public for the first time as the "Alliance Banking Group", comprising: (1) Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad (Alliance Bank); (2) Alliance Finance Berhad; (3) Alliance Merchant Bank Berhad; and (4) Alliance Unit Trust Management Berhad.
  • 2004, August 1: Alliance Finance Berhad merged with Alliance Bank. Consequently, hire purchase was now offered at all Alliance Bank's retail branches nationwide.
  • 2005, January 1: Alliance Merchant Bank Berhad acquired 100% equity interest in Kuala Lumpur City Securities (KLCS). Vertical Theme bought a 30% stake in Malaysian Plantations Berhad (MPlant), the holding company of Alliance Banking Group.
  • 2006:
    • August: Alliance Merchant Bank Berhad changed its name to Alliance Investment Bank Berhad (AIBB).
    • December:
      • Kuala Lumpur City Securities (KLCS) merged with Alliance Investment Bank Berhad (AIBB) to offer a full suite of investment banking services.
      • KL City Research changed name to Alliance Research.
  • 2007:

  • 2008, April 1: Alliance Islamic Bank Berhad commenced its Islamic banking business, after assuming the entire Islamic banking business portfolio of Alliance Bank.
  • 2011, January: Alliance Bank and AIA Berhad entered into a joint venture to form AIA-AFG Takaful Berhad, which offers a range of Takaful savings, protection, and investment products.