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EPU = Economic Plundering Unit — Tan Sri Ani Arope [1]
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The Economic Planning Unit (EPU) is the principal government agency in Malaysia that was set up in 1961 to "focus on development planning, on high problems in plan execution, and on all forms of foreign aid" for the nation.[2] Evolving from the Economic Secretariat of the Economic Committee of the Executive Council of the then Federation of Malaya, the EPU became the Secretariat of the National Planning Development Committee which was also established the same year. While the Cabinet continued to retain the ultimate responsibility for planning in the country, the National Development Planning Committee was assigned the responsibility for the formulation, implementation, progress evaluation and revision of development plans.

2.  Controversies: On 3 June 2011, former Tenaga Nasional (TNB) chief executive, Tan Sri Ani Arope blamed the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) for rising electricity tariffs, saying that EPU had forced Tenaga Nasional to sign lopsided purchase deals with Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in the 1990s. "With the take-or-pay clause and with the 40% excess reserve that we have today, an IPP only has to produce half of its capacity and be paid 80% of the agreed capacity. Well done then, EPU — Economic Plundering Unit", he added, mocking the economic unit under the Prime Minister's Department.[1]

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