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"Let us hope no academician will assume the role of mouthpiece to all the lies and distortions that the British colonialists started and are unfortunately being perpetrated by the present Malaysian government."  —  Syed Husin Ali [1]
Khoo Kay Kim

Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim (born 1937, age 78) is a Chinese Malaysian historian and currently, emeritus professor in the History Department of Universiti Malaya. One of the co-authors of the Rukunegara, he is highly regarded for his views on local sports and socio-political issues.[2] In January 2011, Khoo was appointed Chancellor of KDU University College.

2.  Brief biography: Born in Kampar, Perak, Khoo Kay Kim received his Bachelor, Master's and Ph.D. degree from Universiti Malaya in 1959, 1967, and 1974 respectively.  more... at Chronology

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