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The Ministry of Health is the government department responsible for all health matters in Malaysia, including:

  • providing health information;
  • raising health awareness and education;
  • ensuring the accessibility of health services;
  • monitoring the quality of health services provided to citizens; and
  • controlling illnesses and diseases in the country.

From 1955 until 1965, the ministry was known as the "Ministry of Health and Social Welfare". It acquired its present name since 1965.  more... at Chronology

Malaysian Ministers of Health

No. Minister Tenure of service Remarks
1 Tun Leong Yew Koh 1955 - 1957 After being transferred from Health Minister to Ambassador to the United Nations, his political career ended after that.
2 Tun V.T. Sambanthan 1957 - 1959 -
3 Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin 1959 - 1960 -
4 Abdul Aziz Ishak 1962 - 1963 He quit his post when he had a feud with then Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman. He was later detained under the ISA.
5 Dr. Lim Swee Aun 19621962 He lost his MP seat in the 1969 general elections and retired after that.
6 Tan Sri Bahaman Samsudin 1964 - 1968 He stepped down when he did not want to contest in 1969 general elections.
7 Dr. Ng Kam Poh 1968 - 1969 He lost in the 1969 general elections.
8 Tun Sardon Haji Jubir 1969 - 1972 -
9 Tan Sri Lee Siok Yew 1972 - 1977 He was dropped when he had a fallout with then MCA President Tan Sri Lee San Choon.
10 Tan Sri Chong Hon Nyan 1978 - 1983 He resigned after aligning himself with Datuk Dr. Neo Yee Pan in the MCA internal power struggle.
11 Datuk Chin Hon Ngian 1983 - 1986 He was dropped from the Cabinet reshuffle, after aligning himself with Datuk Dr. Neo Yee Pan in the MCA internal power struggle.
12 Datuk Mak Hon Kam 1986 - 1987 He was dropped as Minister and Member of Parliament after aligning himself with Datuk Dr. Neo Yee Pan in the MCA internal power struggle.
13 Tan Sri Chan Siang Sun 1987 - 1989 He died from heart attack in a badminton game.
14 Dato' Ng Cheng Kiat 1989 - 1990 He was dropped as a candidate in the 1990 general elections, after he backed Tan Sri Lee Kim Sai who challenged Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik for the MCA President post.
15 Tan Sri Lee Kim Sai 1990 - 1995 He retired after a dispute with Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik.
16 Dato' Chua Jui Meng May 1995
23 Mar 2004
He was dropped when he sided Tan Sri Lim Ah Lek for the top MCA post to topple Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik. He was also defeated when he challenged Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting for the MCA top post.
17 Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek 24 Mar 2004
2 Jan 2008
He resigned after a sex scandal.
- Tan Sri Ong Ka Ting (Acting) 3 Jan 2008 -
17 Mar 2008
He was not retained at his own request, as he wanted to focus his energies on rebuilding the MCA, after its poor showing in the 2008 general elections.
18 Dato' Sri Liow Tiong Lai 18 Mar 2008 -
14 May 2013
He was not reappointed, as MCA had pledged that it would not hold any government positions, if the party performed worse in the 2013 general elections than in 2008.
19 Subramaniam Sathasivam 15 May 2013 - present


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