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In 2012, Universiti Teknologi MARA was ranked among the last in the QS World University Rankings.[1]
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Universiti Teknologi MARAShah Alam 2012
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Universiti Teknologi MARA is a university in Malaysia, opened exclusively to bumiputeras and international students only, under the ruling Barisan Nasional government's apartheid policy. Preparatory programmes conducted at INTEC, however, are opened to non-bumiputeras. The university's faculties comprise about 4,000 academics, scholars, and researchers.

2.  History: Universiti Teknologi MARA began as "Dewan Latehan RIDA", a training center under the Rural and Industrial Development Authority (RIDA), with the expressed objectives of rebuilding the Malay rural society, as well as improving its economy. The idea was conceived by Dato' Onn Ja'afar, the founder-president of United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), after a study visit of Ceylon's (now Sri Lanka) rural development programme in 1951. The institution, after two other name changes, was renamed "Universiti Teknologi MARA" (UiTM) on 26 August 1999, pursuant to the Universiti Teknologi MARA Act 173.  more... at Chronology

3.  Campuses and faculties: Universiti Teknologi MARA conducts 312 programmes and has a nationwide presence, comprising:

  • Campuses:
    • a main campus in Shah Alam;
    • 4 satellite campuses;
    • 12 state/branch campuses;
    • 7 city campuses;
    • 3 town campuses; and
    • 19 affiliated colleges.
  • Faculties: 25 faculties, divided into 3 clusters:
    1. Science & Technology;
    2. Social Science & Humanities; and
    3. Business & Management;
  • 2 academic centers.  more... at Chronology

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