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The main street in Yong Peng.

Yong Peng is a regional town in Johor that has 2 main interchanges along the North-South Expressway. It has an area of 1,911.6 hectares (4,724 acres), with an estimated population of 29,046. Slightly more than half of the local residents are of Chinese origin. The rest are Malays and Indians who reside mainly in the surrounding areas.

Due to the lack of economy opportunities in Yong Peng, most of the younger generation choose to leave Yong Peng, after completing secondary education and migrate to bigger cities such as Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru, and Kuala Lumpur. Those who remain mostly work in the plantation sector (especially rubber, palm oil, and cocoa), light industry (especially garments), or the supporting services.

2.  Food: Yong Peng is known for its Fuzhou-style cuisine, which include:


Yong Peng is also famous for its Mackerel Fish Ball. There are also plenty of local Malay and Indian food stalls.  more... at Chronology

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